Facts about Therataxis

Founded in 2004, Therataxis is uniquely positioned in the biomedical industry. Our technology models and simulates transport within the brain and in other solid tissue. Our current products are surgical simulation software and simulation-based device designs. We provide services in medical image analysis, biomedical simulation, and management of appropriate research and therapy planning, maintaining a synergy between the commercial reality of working with industrial customers and the innovative flexibility of grant-supported research.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to use physics-based medicine:

  • to improve direct delivery of therapeutics into brain and other solid tissue by predicting the distribution of therapies (both particulate and energetic) for specific individuals
  • to develop and optimize new delivery devices via simulation of tissue physiology
  • to improve imaging and display, yielding quantitative three-dimensional maps of the physiological characteristics of brain tissue, which vary spatially and between individuals
  • to link pharmaceuticals and point-of-care delivery to improve the care and the outcomes of serious brain diseases and some cancers in other tissue

therataxis [theruhtak'sis]

Orig. therapy + taxis. noun.

  1. The motion of a therapeutic agent.
  2. The control of such motion, directing it to targeted tissues and avoiding others.
  3. (proper noun) The trade name (var., TheraTaxis) of a company specialized in such control, initially to the brain.


  • Device for spreading a therapeutic drug in solution over a large area such as brain cortex, or to confine it within certain cellular structures.
  • Application for providing information on drug distribution, tumor dissemination, and brain edema to brain tumor care givers including surgeons, radiation therapists, and neurooncologists to improve outcome and reduce toxicity.
  • Device and method for focusing acoustic beams over a large, heterogeneous medium to move fluid and particulates in medical, environmental, and geophysical applications. More